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Roofing - Siding - Windows - Gutters - Concrete - Garage Builds

Pictures below are from some of our jobs in SouthEast Michigan. Before and after  shots
and some common problems found on many homes, that can be repaired before major damages occur!


Custom Siding

Custom Siding products can seperate you from the neighbors.

Certainteed Monogram Siding

Quality Siding Products give you a professional long lasting results.

Resawn shake roof

Certainteed Landmarks Resawn shake shingles

Heather Blend roof

Certainteed landmarks Heather blend Shingles

Weatherwood roof

Certainteed weatherwood shingles

Wolverine Vinyl siding

Siding can give you the updated look that you desire!

Roofing in process

Professional installation with certified roofing firm will give you the long lasting roof you pay for!

Old aluminum Siding (before)

House before make over

New updated house siding

House after a tri city vinyl update!

Fan Foam Insulation

Insulating the wall before siding can cut down drafts and dirt infiltration, also lowering your utility bills!

Vinyl siding and certainteed weather wood roof

New Siding and roofing can help put some equity back in your home!

Garage Door , And vinyl siding

New amarr garage door, and American legend siding

Quality roof jobs

Supervised roof crews result in a much better product application!

Tri city builders is a certified roof company

Custom aluminum trim and siding

We specialize in custom trim and siding giving your house a apperance above the rest!

Vinyl house siding

White wolverine Vinyl siding can give a clean look.

Certainteed landmark Pro weatherwood

Tri city builders can handle any size roof!

Certainteed Burnt Sienna landmarks

New roofs can give your house the pop from the curb you are looking for!

Stamp concrete walkway

Stamped concrete gives a new look and feel to any backyard.

Stamped concrete patio

Patios made of concrete with custom colors and designs can make you yard interesting and great for entertaining.

Diamond Deck

Synthetic felt papers can be left with no shingles up to 6 months

New Garage

Custom built garages to be taylored to your needs.

Vinyl house siding

Cedar perfection can dress up the peaks of any home!

Custom lifetime windows

Our quality, energy star rated windows can make a dramtic apperance to your home and utility bills!

Custom Bay window

Custom bay windows with all the option you hand . From wood type to color .

Seamless gutters and Custom Aluminum trim

With are Aluminum trim wrapping and seamless gutters with leaf guards, your house can become maintenace free, No more painting!

Certainteed landmarks Tri laminate roof

Colonial slate Tri laminate shingles are top of the line of the landmark series!

Wolverine American legend house siding and new roof

Certainteed landmark Burnt sienna roofing with white trim and seamless gutters and Wolverine american legend savanah wicker house siding.

Weatherwood shingles with ridge vent

Air vent II ridge vent, can give you a low profile exhaust vent, evening distrubing air flow giving a better air quality in the attic, helping to bring down your utility bills!

Seamless gutter

Our seamless gutters are installed using quality hidden hangers, screwed into the fascia so there are no nails falling out, or on the face . This gives you a clean , durable gutter for years to come!

Leaf Relief or Gutter Guard

Our gutter guards are a low profile system . It come in 10 ft sections and get screw down. They do not interfere with the roof at all, and are hard to see from the ground!

Ice shield and felt

Tri city builders uses 6 ft of ice shield as a standard , giving you more protection from the outside elements!

Leak prevention

Debris in gutters can clog drain outlets and cause gutters to back up and potential cause a leak.

Keeping it Clean!

Tarps and ground guys help keep the job site clean , We also run a magnet across the ground and do a visual pick up for and nails we may have missed in the tarps!

Safety First

Harness are worn to keep our guys from falling off the roof On difficult pitches and heights.

Valley deteriorated

As shingles get old the deteriorate causing problem in heavy water flow areas. Ventilation and type of shingles can speed up the process.


Poor chimneys can contribute to roof leaks and should be address and maintained to prevent this from happening

Certainteed Heather Blend Pro

Different colors and style can give you that accomadating look on your roof you are looking for.

Organic Roof Shingles

These types of shingles made by all manufactures are know for a short life span. Organic shingles matte made with newspaper pulp result in bad shingle blistering and curling short of manufactues warranty rating. Excessive heat in attics space can increase deteriorating process.

Chi garage door

A window in a garage door can give a more interesting look then just a plan door, while adding natural light in.

Certainteed Cedar Perfection

Sterling grey

Tire of the same vinyl siding your neighbors have. You can upgrade to a whole different look by choosing a vinyl shake look. Custom window trim

Vinyl Bow window

Adding a nice vinyl window to your home can make your room seem larger while letting much more natural light into your house.

Chimney Wash

Cracked masonary on your chimney top is the start of many problems contributing to roof leaks and chimney failure!

Roof Pipe boots

Many leaks are contributed to bad pipe flashing. Plastic ones tend to where out in a few years , causing leaks and ceiling damage.

Tri city builders uses aluminum pipe flashing on all our roof jobs.

Roof pipe flashing

Rubber gasket line the top of the flashing, over time splits can appear and cause water to run down the pipe and cause damage. Many leaks near bathrooms and kithchen result from this.

Stamped concrete

Gives you a updated look and focal point to patios , porches, and sidewalks .

Hail Damaged roofs

Soft metals like roof vents can show you sure sign if your roof has suffered damages during a hail storm

Roof valley deteriorated

valley rolls and open valley roof systems can contribute to premature roof failure

Rotten wood

Can allow the rain to get behind your exterior protection in the case vinyl siding , and run down the wall getting behind all roof flashing causing roof leaks.

Roof and siding

Certainteed weatherwood shingles, and Wolverine American legend Natural clay vinyl siding with white aluminum custom trim .

Wolverine vinyl siding

Along with Certainteed Hearthsone cedar perfections in the peak give this home some curb appeal and interest .

Sliding Roof Shingle

can be a result in poor installation, along with as you can see in this picture the contractor that did this roof didn't put any underlayment.

Mansard roofing

Using certainteed landmark shingles Heatherblend, along with custom built peaks to devert the water away from windows

Garage door broken

we can help emergency repairs and New garage doors , Chi, Amarr

Certainteed Landmarks Atlantic Blue

Shingle can give your roof a interest look and making you stand out from the neighbors.

Insurance work

Tri city builders can remove and rebuild your home or garage back to original condition . This garage was paid by insurance due to a car accident.

Wolverine vinyl siding

Grante grey siding along with white custom aluminum trim , Certainteed perfections lets this house stand out from the rest.

Smart vent

There are many types of soffit venting products out there this one seems has filter that gets mold and moss growth causing it to cut down air flow. Tri city builders offers a plastic molded edge vent systems to prevent this from happening.

Wind damage shingles

storms and high winds can contribute to roof failure during these acts of god you can call upon you insurance company in which they should help pay for roof or repairs depending on amount of damage and temporary tarping to prevent further damages.

Hail Damaged shingles

Roofs hit by large enough hail can cause major damage to roof systems. Matte bruising and breaks can result into leaks and granual loss.

Hail damage

can be seen here from the dark circles on the shingles . Insurance companies usually will give full replacement with damage that is this obvious.

New Garage

Oxford blue American legened siding with white aluminum trim

New 2 car garage

Need more room we can Help!

Ypsilanti , MI vinyl siding ( Before )

Old Dirty Aluminum siding

Ypsilanti, MI

Autumn yellow vinyl siding and white aluminum trim

Aluminum Siding Ypsilanti ( before

Aluminum siding show dents and wear from years of weather abuse

Ypsilanti siding job

Before Siding rear elevation

Ypsilanti , Mi autumn yellow Siding

American Legened vinyl siding , White aluminum trim , With white aluminum window trim

Autumn yellow vinyl siding

American legened vinyl siding , Ypsilanti mi

Small Custom aluminum work

Can make a big difference setting you apart from your neighbors!

Custom 2 car garage Wayne, MI

New Garage Build with double doors

Flat Rock , Mi vinyl siding

Flagstone color Vinyl siding by American legened made in jackson Mi

Before Flat rock , MI

aluminum siding that has seen better days

Vinyl Siding, Flat Rock Michigan

American legened vinyl siding, White aluminum trim , White window trim

Flat Rock , Mi

Vinyl Siding, Rear elevation Flagstone american legend vinyl house siding

Flat rock , Michigan

Tearing off aluminum siding , Preparing it for vinyl siding

Aluminum siding tear off

Flat Rock, Michigan vinyl siding job

Vinyl Siding

American legend wicker

Garden City, Mi

American legend vinyl siding

wicker color with whith aluminum trim

Wicker vinyl siding

Garden City, Michigan

Vinyl siding and cloth awning

Garden City, Michigan siding rear of house

Certainteed Landmark Pro

Resawn shake color

Lifetime shingle warranty from manufacture

Plymouth, Mi

Certainteed Landmark shingles, Moire Black

Roof installation ( before)

Ann Arbor , Michigan Roof job

AnnArbor , Mi New Roof

Certainteed Landmarks Heatherblend Shingles

Livonia, Mi

Mansard Roof

Livonia, Mi

New Roof

Canton, MI

New roof , And cedar shake in peak

Custom awning

Westland, MI

Wicker American legened vinyl siding, along with Certainteed landmark Weatherwood shingles

Westland, Mi Concrete driveway

New cement curing can bring back some curb appeal to your home

Westland, MI

Cobblestone grey , Certainteed landmark shingles

Canton, MI

Certainteed Landmark Shingles being installed

Canton, MI Vinyl Siding

Stamped Concrete in Process

Westland, Michigan stamped concrete project

Roof house and garage, Garden city mi

Certainteed landmark roof shingles

Sealed Stamped concrete

Westland, Mi sealed stamped concrete will bring out all the colors and protect it from the elements!

Stamped Concrete

Finish Patio Westland, MI

Westland, Mi

Stamped Concrete can make your yard more attractive and useful.

Canton , MI Roof

Certainteed landmark shingles

Vinyl Siding

Canton , MI house siding

Allen Park, Mi

Vinyl Siding

New Roof Canton, Mi

Certainteed landmark roof shingles

Canton, MI aluminum trim

Custom aluminum trim around a window can give you more curb appeal!

Livonia, MI

Custom windows



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